Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 2012 Update!

Its August already, so where is Nori Toy?

Well, needless to say, It took longer than expected to build the studio. We are excited to report that it is finally done and we are ready to print.

I have lots of plans for Nori Toy, but since it is a one person show some of my other projects will be coming much later. There are plans for animation, toys and possibly apps. For the time being my focus will be textile printing. As I get each department of Nori Toy situated, I will begin to slowly add on the new items we will carry.

In other news I have been preparing for my daughter who should be born in less than 50 days, getting back into customizing toys, writing my novels and exploring new creative outlets. In addition to all that, I am still working with Villain on IOS projects. I post whatever I am working on as well as daily toy photos on Instagram. One friendly service I found for viewing and interacting with instagram was webstagram. You can check out the photos in the link, and don't forget to follow. http://web.stagram.com/n/noritoy/

Now that I am starting production I will be more present on twitter and our other social networks to keep everyone up to date. I will also begin writing articles for my blog on toys, art and the like. Over the next couple of weeks I will be printing a few designs I have been working on. These will likely be sold on outlets like etsy, and ebay until I launch the new site. Over the past couple years I have been coming up with tons of shirt concepts so those will start trickling out soon. Thanks for following and support us over the years and we look forward to sharing out new projects with you all.