Sunday, October 25, 2009

Custom Yoka Show: WIP Part 4

Today I did a lot of carving. After the first arm was done, I used this piece to carve the left arm.

Here is the Forest Guardian with all his tree armor. Once my new paint material comes in, I will work on the bear some more and try and finish the project up.

Custom Yoka Show: WIP Part 3

And now on to part three of this project. I painted Yoka with a Tamiya brown paint.

I started carving the arm pieces.

Test fit of the helmet once the paint dried.
I think the brown may be a bit too chocolate for me. I may paint a new brown. I ordered some materials so I may change the design a bit more once they get here if I have time.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Custom Yoka Show: WIP Part 2

So I am running out of time and I have a lot going on. I did make some progress today at the expense of a new wood tool. The tool snapped while working on removal of wood material. I removed all the bark material and sanded the wood to be very smooth.

I also made it to where Yoka can wear it on his head. You can sort of see the theme I am working on with this custom. He will be a forest guardian.

I had to wash Yoka again since he was covered with saw dust. In the morning I am going to primer him before going to the Doe Doe office. I have two days of nice weather so I have to get my base coats done.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Custom Yoka Show: WIP Part 1

So I am working on a custom for the Yoka show at the Vinyl Toy network that's on Nov. 21. I am going to make one of my characters from Nori's story. I went up to the Tail of the Dragon Sunday and found a nice piece of wood. I do not like to cut up living trees so I was lucky enough to find a piece that had fallen from a tree, naturally I presume. Here is the blank figure and the piece of wood I am starting with. I will post updates as I make progress. So far I have carved the wood some and gave the vinyl a nice bath to get the oils off so that the paint adhere better. I do not have a lot of time to get it done, so I will be working rappidly on it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Toyota announced the possible production of a revisioned AE86 concept dubbed the FT-86. It is a rwd light sports car powered by a Subaru engine. This was a joint project of Toyota and Subaru after Toyota acquired Fuji Heavy industries.

I think the profile and rear looks decent, but I am not keen on the front bumper at all. The profile seems to barrow from the Nissan 370Z and GTR but does seem to hint towards the 2000GT.

I did a quick photoshop of the Front to get maybe make it more palatable.

I removed the headlight vents. I think this greatly improves the front. You can see after and before.

I then took the grill from the Gtfour RC bumper and fitted it to the center along with an intercooler for the future FI of the STi engine. ;) The last picture has the RC hood vent, but I am not as keen on it. I think the car can have some potentionly good looks with a new front bumper fitted.