Friday, April 1, 2016

March of Robots 2016

Another March of Robots has passed, and now its time to look back over the past month. As it turns out, having a new born at home with me, makes finding time to draw sometimes impossible. I did take some time to work on some character design for Nori's story as well as some mecha concepts for some other projects. This entire month was solely drawn on an iPad pro. Anyhow, check them out below, and be sure to follow me on instagram @noritoy to see more stuff. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Inktober 2015

Another inktober has passed. Sadly I was pretty busy by the time I left for NYCC, so I didn't get a drawing in every day. Here is a compilation of the ones I did do, as well as a pumpkin I did for Halloween. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our NYCC experience and Photos

Finally back and settled from NYCC, and here are much of the photos I took. For me, this was my biggest Con yet. I had been to Wizard World in St Louis, and to TFCon, but this was a whole other level, scale wise. I thought I was going to do more things, but I had brought my family, and as it turns out going to a convention with a newly three year old, adds to the challenge. I only got to attend one panel on my list, and that was the Hasbro Transformers line. It looks like there is some promising stuff in the works for them. The other panels I experienced were for the sake of my daughter. We still managed to have fun. I spent much of my time visiting vendors, and checking out new toys coming out. There were some things on display not yet for sale, but I certainly made a shopping list. Friday night I went to the creators networking outing, and met some great people. I got some good feedback, and motivation on my Nori project. Saturday night, after my GPS sent me a few miles in the wrong direction, I made it to the Designer Toy Award Show. It was a bit more intense than I expected. I was wore out from the con, walking, and backpacking a child the past few days, so I did not stay long. I saw some great designers there like Andrew Bell, but I did not feel I had the energy to strike up a meaningful conversation. 
I did not attend the last day of the con, and decided to explore New York some more, and visiting some friends. I really liked New York City. So much great food everywhere. Of course there were lots of things I wasn't huge on, but I could see myself living there. There was so much energy in the city, it made me feel as to throw out the TV and just stay productive. I loved the energy, and I will certainly be back. I observed the cosplay a lot, and I do not think I would try it there for my first time, but I think I might try and make something for the Wizard World event next year. It was a blast, and we are still coming down from the trip. Check out the pics below, and you can find us on instagram as well for constant updates.