Monday, May 18, 2015

Product inspiration: WFC Optimus Prime

I want to start a new segment where I talk about missed opportunity with product lines. Since I collect a lot of Transformers, lets talk about War For Cybertron's Optimus Prime. If you don't already have this figure, you missed out on one of the best action figure Prime figures since the classic mold. I would put this guy in my top 10 Primes for sure. This is when Hasbro was still using the more advanced engineering brought on by the early movie line, but with a much nicer classics inspired ascetics. This first wave of the video game line, was actually fairly hard to come by. This also began the age of the hunt for me, as with this release transformer toys I liked started getting harder to find, thanks to movie Bumble Bee figures clogging up the shelves and the distribution of the desired figures went to crap.

The missed opportunity I wanted to talk about was the weapons done for these. This line could had lent itself to many accessories as one of the main mechanics in the game was all the various weapons. Between the scale discrepancies, and lack of similar weapon mounting the line as a whole had some lacking, even though the individual figures stood great on their own. The Prime from this line actually lent itself to the idea more than others. I feel that the characters could each had come with one of the weapons with the game, and you could mix or match. Hasbro could had even done accessory packs that came with a few weapons from the game to outfit your robots. Since this was not something in the plans for the line I made a gallery of various Weapon combinations that just make this already battle ready looking prime, even more prepared for war for cybertron.

Bonus: FOC Optimus Prime with Bulk Head Micon Fists.
Here is a video where I talk a little on the subject, but spend more time trying out these and other accessories on  this WFC Optimus Prime.

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