Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trofeu 1/43 Diecast Gtfour Custom

Being a huge fan of the Gtfour, and having owned one as a project car for some time I have gathered a few collectibles. Years ago, when my car had different wheels, I was contacted by someone telling me they had my car. He sent me a pic of this Trofeu Diecast toy, and I bought it on sight. As the years went by, and I have modded the car I decided to let this toy be its own thing and make a small mod to it. The wheels are somewhat boring, and there are not really any "tuner" style toys of the Gtfour, so I decided to make my own.  

The Trofeu as it originally looked. 
I used to have a Z car, but have since moved on. I liked this diecast car alright, but it became the donar because I could not find a set of wheels, with brakes this detailed in this scale. 
The modification was simple. I had to grind off the rivets on the bottom of the 350z to remove the panel, then use a soldering gun to heat the tiny metal axles to remove them from the wheels. I then used a jeweler drill to make the holes on the wheels larger and cut some plastic rod for new axles. I was then able to slide these new wheels right on. Check out the pics below for the final project.

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